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    thebrokenspacebar said: video games are degenerate

    gamers are over

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    Actually, amendment: I played the first Bioshock for like a whole hour.

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    Watching the new tropes vs. women video made me realize just how disconnected from gaming I really am.

    I have played NONE of the games mentioned… And I only just considered that the reason none of these games interest me in any significant way is because they cater so much to straight guys.

    Although I am very reassured that the kind of games I want to make do not play into the common themes of the mainstream industry. It seems I am doomed to be a starving indie unless there is some kind of upheaval.


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    Anonymous said: You had a birthday recently? Happy birthday! I guess we could say you're 1+20 cell

    THANK U!!

    it’s true, one-twenty is twenty-one

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    Open in new tab for better res
    I need to start up commissions again cause hey

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    I need at least $100, if you can’t commission me, I’d really appreciate if I could get signal boosted, I didn’t really get a whole lot of that last time.

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    I’ve been without a phone for 2 months and I always end up having to go out late at night pls I need a phone

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    another thought:

    While I was back home, I crossed a bridge over the bone dry concrete channel LA River and noticed that there were depth markers on the walls, and it was 15 feet deep

    lanter could have easily picked me up from off of the bridge, i can finally TRULY appreciate his stature