1. Coffee Simulator

    I dropped it on the floor and couldn’t reach down far enough to retrieve it!

  2. 19:11

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    Thanks to my previous school, I have a kneejerk “worst possible scenario” reaction to any assignment I get back.

    It still has not left me.

  3. 19:10

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    An entire paragraph of my history paper was in present tense and I still got a B+.

    bless my professor

  4. 18:25

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  5. I think that barastuck update has the worst ratio of time to content of any page with no pictures.

    it took like four drafts

  6. 10:54

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    Anonymous asked: Homework after tests should be illegal >.>'

    i know!

    why do i need to do more practice problems after proving myself on the exam

  7. 10:45

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    snorlaxnaps asked: will you do calc3 homework for me?

    i am in only in calc 2

    and oh man i have my own homework to do tonight even though we had a test today this is awful

  8. 09:19

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    non-anonymuse asked: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just felt like inflicting the horror on someone else today. Share the misery and all that.

    you better check yourself before you shr*k yourself

    the illuminati knows what you have done